Friday, August 20, 2010

Which One Are You?

People constantly confuse the boys...constantly...the one in the orange shorts is our oldest Michael who is 14, in the middle is Daniel who is 9 and on the end in black shorts is Neil who is 12. I get all of their names mixed up when talking to them but I know who they are (I am their mom after all, haha). But what is funny is that the older two are constantly being mixed up. Everyone thinks the 12 year old is older than the 14 year old. It's true, many of his features are a bit more mature. It drives the boys nuts though because many people ask if they are twins and even after they say no, people ask them if they are sure.

Just this past week I found myself chuckling and redirecting many of our friends as they were asking Neil about high school and Michael about football. The boys would be nice enough and point to the other but it was funny.

To me they all look like themselves but to others it's quite confusing. So what do you they look that much alike???


USMCWIFE said...

You know I would NEVER lie to you. So ...yes, your boys look a lot a like and that is why sometimes I say, your oldest boy lol. One thing for sure is they are all equally as handsome...

Dana said...

They look more and more like each other as they get older. Can you imagine all three lined up in a few more years?