Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football????

This post is not about the upcoming NFL season. In fact, I have not watched football on TV for years, maybe even decades.

Neil came home last week and told me he would like to play football for his school. The boys have been wanting to play sports for a few years but with Kevin gone so much and the other things they were already a part of I made the decision that I could not add sports onto our already hectic life. I promised them that when we moved, we would let them start to play sports. Neil is really the only one interested and so we begin the journey.

What a pain getting your kid enrolled in sports can be! I spent over 3 hours waiting to get him a physical that took all of 10 minutes! And while the school will provide the major equipment, we have to spend a bit of money to get the personal items.

I am looking forward to supporting him but I will admit this a new thing for our family. We have always supported our kids in any activity they have done, but sports and bleachers and cheering on the sidelines is new. I look forward to the new adventure.

Michael will be supporting football, so we'll be keeping up with his crazy schedule too as he is part of the Marching Band.

So I ask again...are you ready for some football??


Paula said...

I too, have been going through this pre-football phase.
I was a football mom years ago when my oldest was in high school. I have to say, it was one the best memories I have. I absolutely LOVED it.
Now that my husband's son has come to live with us, he wants to play.
Physical (3 hours wait) and 100.00 toward new shoes and all that other boy stuff he needed and we're in our 3rd day of practice.
Fortunately, we're in a small area in New England where football isn't as crazed as it was in Texas.
I can't wait to be cheering for my football boy again!

USMCWIFE said...

AWESOME!! I love football and I loved when my son played sports, he played them all. I remember going from soccer season, to baseball, to basketball to football and even golf. I loved it all and so did he..it was TIME consuming and I was working and even before the wars my hubs deployed a lot so it was mostly on me. He played all the way up through middle school and one year he even FENCED!! Yep he did and was good. Once he got to high school he knew he wanted to go JROTC and wanted to give 100% to it, so he decided to stop sports. I remember his soccer coach calling me to talk sense into him and I was kind of put off by that..but anyway I hope your kids get to play it was the best times ever! I think my son made the right decision to focus on one thing in high school and it paid off for him. I look forward to reading about your boys and all their sports!

Amy said...

I can totally see you in the stands cheering on your kids! I'm sure you'll have tons of fun!