Thursday, July 01, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 26

Your week in great detail...

Wow...I thought this would be hard but I live by my calendar so here it goes starting with last Thursday...

Thursday - Worked Day 2 of Cub Scout Day camp. I worked at the craft station and we did compass necklaces and dinosaur sand art with over 100 kids. I came home made Pizza for dinner and then the hubby and I volunteered at the USO until 10 pm.

Friday - Worked Day 3 of Cub Scout Day camp. Still at the craft station, they made volcano and dinosaur mobiles. Went to dinner with the family to Ruby Tuesday's courtesy of a gift card Kevin won earlier that week. Visited the USO for a while and then went home.

Saturday - Family Day at Cub Scout Day camp, worked the water balloon toss station with the hubby and boys. Had closing ceremonies and a staff appreciation lunch. Was pretty much a bum the rest of the day.

Sunday - Went to church, came home and was a bum the rest of the day.

Monday - got up way early to drive the boys out to Boy Scout Camp and drop gear off. Drove back, fed Daniel and then met with the new president of the Spouse's club here on post. I am going to do the newsletter so we discussed that. I went into the AFTB office to do paperwork and prepare for upcoming classes. Chilled in the evening with Daniel.

Tuesday - Went into the AFTB office, worked on admin stuff. Bought Daniel new shoes and a shirt at the PX. Bought myself a pair of shoes too. Let Daniel have lunch at the food court. Went back to AFTB. Had to return shoes I bought to PX, took Daniel to McDonald's for dinner.

Wednesday - AFTB office again, lunch from the shoppette. Drove out to family night at Boy Scout camp taking the kids some goodies.

Thursday - early morning brief at the schoolhouse here on post, AFTB office for a bit. Made homemade pizza and then went to the USO for weekly shift. wonder I'm tired, haha

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