Thursday, July 01, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 25

Your day in great detail...

This was my day yesterday

0600 - got up and took Zoe the crazy dog out.
0605 - started a load of laundry and cleaned up the few dishes that were in the sink
0630ish- Showered
0700- switched laundry and started another load
0715-0800 - messed around on the computer and let both dogs out
0800- swept the living room and folded some laundry
0830- woke up Dan the Man
0900- was walking out the door to go to the AFTB office when the housing AC guys came to do some stuff with the AC
0905 - let both dogs out one last time
0930 - headed into the AFTB office to do miscellaneous paperwork and try to unsuccessfully load an anti-virus program on our AFTB laptop
1200 - walked with Daniel to the shoppette for some lunch, he had two hotdogs and I had a ham and swiss Blimpie sandwich
1230-2:30 - continued in the AFTB office doing whatever needed to be done
2:30 - headed to the Commissary in search of Strawberry soda...they had none
2:45 - met a mom of one of our Boy Scouts who is at Camp this week to pick up a package she wanted taken to him
2:50 - hit the road for the hour drive to Boy Scout Camp for Family Night
4:00 - stopped at the local grocery store in that town and found Strawberry soda and two cans of peaches plus some various snacks for the boys
4:20 - made it to camp and checked in after they copied my license and put a weird green bracelet on me
5:30ish - ate dinner with the campers...they had Spaghetti they made at their own campsite. Chuckled as two boys (one being my own) who managed to dump their plates on the ground
6:00-8:00 - hung around at the boys campsite chatting with the hubby and other adult leaders while the boys went to the river. Listened to Daniel complain he was bored because he couldn't go
8:15 - Watched the end of day flag ceremony
8:30 - headed to the campfire and watched an Order of the Arrow tap out
8:45 - commenced to listening to a bunch of Boy Scouts do skits some that made sense, many that did not
9:15 - got to walk down in front of the camp with many other Veterans while the Camp Director honored all who have served
9:20 - stood behind the campfire with other Veterans while they retired a flag and honored all who have Fallen for our country (tried not to cry)
9:30 - shopped at the camp Trading post and spent way too much money
9:45 - headed home after kissing boys goodbye
11:00 - made it home
11:05 - took the dogs out for the final night
11:10 - sprayed the shirt Michael spilled his spaghetti on, prayed it didn't stain and started one load of laundry for the night
11:30 - tried to watch So You Think You Can Dance that was recorded on DVR but was too tired, so went to sleep

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USMCWIFE said...

Really shouldn't be so lazy ROFLMAO