Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday (June 2...actually I just noticed the time and I guess my birthday was two days ago). I'm not really into birthdays much, never really have been but as far as birthdays go it was a pretty decent one. All three of my boys wished me a happy birthday as they filed out of the door. I missed Kevin's calls but the blessing in that is that I can replay his voicemails anytime I want. I got great birthday wishes after Kevin and Nita announced it to the world of Facebook! My friend Linda took me to lunch and thoroughly embarrassed me at Olive Garden (but the cheesecake was YUMMY!). I welcomed home a friend from Iraq (one of Kevin's good friends and welcoming a Soldier home makes any day better!). The boys and I joined some friends (Dorshan and kids) for a delicious dinner at Nami's. We got there early and saw a petting zoo. The boys decided we needed to go there for my birthday (not sure what I got out of it but hey it sounded good). There was a camel there and so the boys wanted a ride. The guy with the camel even let me ride for free since it was my birthday. It wasn't really all that exciting but the boys got a kick out of mom on the camel! Overall my birthday was good. The only thing that could have made it better was having my love home.

Today I received an amazing brownie cake from Bake Me a Wish. The owner's graciousness astounds me. Check out the site when you have a chance, they do a lot of great work supporting our troops. At the end of this entry you will see a print. My dear friend Polly gave me a present that made me cry. I love this pic and have admired it throughout the internet. When she brought it to me yesterday, I was so touched. It really means a lot to me and I think defines how Kevin and I get through these deployments. We survive because we put our faith in Him.

I am so blessed with great people in my life....thanks for a great birthday!Welcome Home Jesse!

At the petting zoo!

Camel ridesAt Nami's

My brownie cake!My print!


Becky said...

My neighbor Susan has been going to all of the homecomings also, it is great, I want to do that next month when our flights start coming home. Happy Birthday, those camels are great. I just think you are awesome and such a wonderful example to me. We haven't ever hung out together, but I really admire you. Thanks for being such an amazing person.

J.R. and Michelle said...

MMMMMM your brownie cake looks SOOOOO yummy! brownies are my guilty pleasure!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I know that I am 2 days late, but still. That is such a great picture, (the print that you were given as a gift.) It's one that I have seen and liked. I don't know how I would get through any of life's trials without having knowing that there was more to this life than what meets the eye.