Friday, March 20, 2009

Houston Rodeo 2009 Salute to Our Military Part 1

I don't know if I can put into words what I felt going to this event with Nita. We had a great time, lots of laughs, a few tears and created a lot of memories.

I was blessed to go as her guest and had the opportunity to hang out with some amazing women. Amazing is an understatement. I want to ensure that I honor these women properly and not take anything away from them. They are Gold Star Wives, part of the American Widow Project. I don't write that to take anything away from them as they have identities all their own, they are just awesome women no matter what.

Nita and I started off our adventure driving to Houston, didn't really have any problems until we got there and tried to check into the wrong hotel, lol. The clerk there assured us they had room for us if we wanted to stay. We finally made it into our hotel and felt somewhat under dressed. Hotel Indigo is a nice hotel, very pretty motif. Lots of blues and greens, very airy. The elevator was huge and pretty.We had a nice room, kind of small for the price it normally runs but overall not too bad. The bed was so high Nita almost hurt herself climbing on it. The shower alone was almost worth the price, it was big and even had a seat in case you needed a break while showering.
Our first night in we decided to be adventurous and ate at a Greek Restaurant. I wasn't so adventurous after all when I ordered buttered noodles, LOL. Most people who know me, know I am so picky!

We went back to the hotel and eventually met some of the ladies who had come in for the event as well. We stayed up for a bit and then headed to our own room to crash for the night. Nita says I kept her up with the clickety clak of the keyboard but I'm not sure how she noticed since she was softly snoring the night away.

Can I just say that Houston has some nasty air...uh, every morning when we woke up it was like we couldn't breathe.

Anyway, we headed down to breakfast in the little cafe near the lobby. The customer service there was seriously lacking! The girl was pretty much just rude. Apparently she had never heard of people eating ketchup with their eggs. I know I have some weird food issues but seriously I don't think that is so weird.

While eating breakfast we noticed some guys who seemed a bit more under dressed then we were when we checked in. We immediately felt better about things. Later on we found out it was Keni Thomas and one of his guitar players. Argh! If I had paid better attention I would have crashed their table like a typical fan and annoyed them. Kevin actually remembered us instead of the other way around. Nita and I are truly memorable when celebrities remember us, lol.

We spent the morning at the seriously over priced mall. There were so many stores I couldn't even afford to stand in, and I certainly couldn't afford to actually buy something. I did however shop at one of my favorite stores Hot Topic and found some cool stuff.

Finally after a relaxing morning we headed over to the rodeo. As we loaded the bus we ran into a Soldier from 8-10. He was injured the day Bryant and Jose were killed and has since been discharged from the Army. It was nice to see him and his wife and see them doing well.

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