Sunday, March 22, 2009

Houston Rodeo 2009 Salute to Our Military Part 2

So after our short bus ride to the stadium, we were dropped off and we headed off to see the American Widow Project RV. I've seen it in pics but it was pretty cool up close and personal. To see the many names of our Fallen was just amazing.
Jeremy E. King C Troop 8-10 Cavalry
SGT Jose Gomez and SFC Bryant Herlem, HHT 8-10 Cavalry

SGT Brandon Teeters B Troop 8-10 Cavalry

CPT James Funkhouser
The front of the bus
Nita finding Bryant's name
A side view of the RVA group shot of the AWP gals and the Diamond and Dollars ladies

After visiting the RV, we headed to find the concert that was being held in honor of our military. The USO sponsered it and we were lucky to listen to some great music. It was a real treat when Mr. Wayne Newton came out on stage and spoke some great words. He didn't sing but his words were touching. What a great man.USO's Main Man, Mr. Wayne Newton

The other three remaining singers were all men who had served previously in the military. Two Soldiers and a Marine. It was pretty awesome.
Soldier turned Singer Cliff HudsonMarine turned Singer Chad Van Rys

After the concert we headed over to our suite where we would enjoy some great food and also get to see the rodeo and Gary Allen concert that would follow. It was a great time. I had never been to a rodeo, it was pretty cool. I wanted to see the riders succeed but it was intense to see them get bucked and stepped on by these huge bulls.1st Cavalry Horse DetachmentPretty awesome bull riders!Real BBQ! So good!

While we were eating Wayne Newton wandered into our suite. I almost choked on my food. Kevin loves Wayne Newton so I knew I would have to get a pic with him. He was so nice to everyone and would have stayed talking forever if he his "people" hadn't ushered him out. He even kissed me on my cheek!!!Mr. Wayne Newton came into our suite and took time to chat with everyone and take pics. Here are the AWP gals again with Mr. NewtonMe and Wayne NewtonHe kissed me right here!
Nita and I went in search of concert t-shirts and found some Calvary Soldiers along the way!
Somehow Nita always finds the CavalryOh well..what can I say, I love Soldiers!

The Gary Allen concert was awesome, there some tears shed as a couple of the songs held special meaning to the ladies I was with.Gary Allen and his band
So hot!!!Posing with Keni Thomas who we ran into while walking out of the concert back to the bus.Had to have a funnel cake. Not a good idea to have powdered sugar and wear a black shirt.Hanging out with Cornbread, Keni Thomas' band. Jason and Kevin are awesome guys!Nita thought it was funny that my laptop matched the hotel's deco, lol
On our drive back we had to stop and see the blue bonnets...The poor little yellow jacket Nita tried to save, it was pretty funny.

In conclusion, this was a great trip. I admit to having some reservations about tagging along with Nita and her group of Sister-widows. I met some great women who gave me a new definition of strength. I appreciate Taryn and her toast our last night there in the Cafe. I shed a few tears but had many laughs. I am in awe of the amazing women I got to meet and keep them and their families in my prayers daily.

If you have a chance, check out the American Widow Project. Take a minute to read/listen to their stories. Or donate or find a way to help. It's a great website and it's all about taking care of our own.

God Bless Our Soldiers and their Families.


Stacey said...

I think it's awesome you got to go to that, what an experience. I really hope my life is as exciting as yours when my kids are a little older.

FIreball said...

Fun!! Oh man... funnel cakes... yummmmmm...I could so go for one of those right now! Gary Allen lived about 15 minutes from our house in Goodlettsville, TN. Looks like the time was FAB! The computer picture cracks me up. I would have teased you too. LOL

Trevs Navy Wife said...

What awesomeness!! I love your laptop matching the room, that is so cute!! lol Thank you for sharing!!