Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thoughful Michael

As Michael starts to head on into those dreaded teenage years, he is almost everything you can think of when you describe a teen. He can be moody, stinky, lazy. But one thing hasn't changed and that is his thoughtfulness.

Today we were at the Commissary waiting to check out and Michael noticed the gentlemen in front of us was in one of the electronic scooters. Without being prompted, he went up to him and asked if he could help unload his basket. The guy sat there kind of shocked for a moment.

I'm so proud of him and how he wants to help others, I hope that doesn't change. A lot of times we'll go somewhere and I'll turn around and find him missing. I'll look around and he'll be holding a door open or helping someone pick something up. When we went to the race last week, he even let his friend Adrienne wear his hat to protect her from the sun. I thought that was so sweet since it left him quite vulnerable to the heat, he became creative and used a bag as his shield, lol.

He really is such a sweet kid.

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The Millhouse Family said...

He is awesome. :)