Sunday, November 09, 2008

Highest Referrals for Our Blog

So today I get my tracking report for our blog, it was interesting to say the least. I get a lot of referrals from my blogging buddies (thanks guys!).

The highest search words are deployment (shocking!) and our own blog name "The Albrecht Squad". Almost daily someone is searching for the Albrecht Squad via a search engine known as sweetim. Almost every other day on that search to find our blog they spell our last name wrong, lol.

Recently someone searched for a Silly Santa and it took them to our post about Kevin dressing up as Santa last year...I loved it, that video of Kev laughing still cracks me up.

Our tracker gives us IP addresses and locations so trust me when I say I know who is reading our blog and how they are getting to our blog. It's always fun to read and see how people find our blog and where they are from. I hope they get something out of reading our crazy adventures!

I would like to know who it is in France that is reading our blog, so leave me a shout out and let me know!!


The Millhouse Family said...

I have someone from France too. ;) OOo La la... that's funny. I am glad you're letting everyone know upfront you know where they live. LOL

Tresa said...

what do you use to track? I think that would be really neet to do and find out who is reading your stuff LOL