Thursday, October 02, 2008


The past couple days I have been hanging out at the boys school. In the past I've hung out there for various volunteer reasons. I always love it and have fun. It's a good way to be involved in my kids education and it's a way to spend my time doing something good. I have to admit that I love the way it makes me feel when I see all the little kids who recognize me. The little smiles, shy waves and even the spontaneous hugs.

Everytime I'm there and one of the boy's classmates recognizes me, they refer to me as either Neil's or Daniel's mom. I LOVE just makes me smile. Tonight I ran to the shoppette for some milk and there was a little girl there. She said, "Hi, Neil's mom!" I said hello and smiled at her. And she told her dad, "Neil's mom was at the school today in the morning AND the afternoon!" Then she waved at me and left.

I know there have been times where I have felt so lost under the titles that I've grown into through my life. From Nadine, the individual, to Mrs. Albrecht or Kevin's wife...Sergeant Albrecht's wife, Michael's Mom, Neil's Mom, Daniel's mom and probably some nice titles that can go unmentioned, lol.

But I have to feels pretty dang good when I'm wandering the halls and someone recognizes me and identifies me because I belong to one of my boys. It's an identity I'm proud to have.

P.S. Yesterday in the car the boys and I were talking and they mentioned that I was cool. I'm so happy my kids still think I'm cool. Even my 12 year old who mentioned that when he tells his friends at school that I'm cool, they quickly agree. It's nice to have status in the life of a pre-teen!!!


Amy said...

That is really an accomplishment that your boys think you're cool! I remember my age none of my friends or me thought our parents were cool!

Great job on being cool! I can see why they think so!

The Millhouse Family said...

I think one of the most important things to recognize is that you didn't become the "cool mom" by giving in to their every whim or by talking to them like one of their friends. Your coolness comes from being honest, consistent, open, humble, and good parenting! They recognize the expectations you have for them have been a blessing in their life. If only more parents would realize to be cool doesn't mean you have to roll over and forget you're a parent. It's about knowing each one personally, loving, being there for your kids and being able to share a perspective that will build them up. ;)