Monday, September 29, 2008

Beanie Babies for Our Troops!

Michael is working on one of his service projects to get to his next rank in Boy Scouts and we need YOUR help. A couple months back Kevin was telling him about a box of Beanie Babies that he received to hand out to the kids in his area. One of Kevin's missions is to go out and meet with the local Iraqi's in the area. The children in the small town they are near have nothing. Michael thought this would be a great way to reach out and show charity.

The organization we are going through is called Beanie Baby Ambassador Program.

As Michael was doing some research, this part in the About Us section stood out to him...

"I grew up in Germany after World War II.The years after the war were not years of plenty in Europe. As children we rarely had chocolates. but whenever NATO troops (American troops in our area) exercised their yearly maneuvers, my sister and I invariably were showered with candies and other rare treats by these camouflaged strangers. Big smiles underlined their kindness. We didn't need language. "

Michael feels that he can support his dad and the Soldiers he serves with by doing this project. If you are interested in donating beanie babies (doesn't have to be Ty brand), leave a message with your contact info (we moderate comments so no one will see it) and we can send you our address. Thanks for your support!


Jill said...

I used to collect beanies - and I have 2 large boxes of them that I am willing to donate - plus I'm purging...There are easily close to 100 in the boxes.

Becky said...

do they need to be NEW Beanie Babies? Can they be fake Beanie Babies? I'm gathering more stuff to get rid of and I think we've got some in good condition I would be happy to part with...

Kelly said...

I've asked my school to collect Beanie Babies to help too! So far, in only 4 days, the boxes are overflowing & my mom has to go get them to make room for more. I sure hope all the kids in Iraq like them. Thank you for starting such a great project!
Your friend,

kenneth said...

It is January, 2009 and are you still interested in Beanie Babies? I would like to give you some (ok, lots) if you are.