Saturday, October 04, 2008

Items 58-81

58-64 - School Spirit Shirts that the boys have outgrown..passed along to a friend who has 4 boys in our school

65-70 - Navy School shorts that the boys refuse to wear for some odd reason. Passed along to same friend mentioned above.

71-75 - Board games with missing pieces making them unplayable

76-77 - Two pairs of Daniel's jean shorts that I'm embarrassed to admit he still wore as holey as they were!!!

78-79 - Neil and Daniel's bunkbed (it counts for 2 since it can be two beds!) thrown out on the curb and the trash people did not pick up last week, GRRRRRRR

80-81 - Two packs of Chicken Quesadillas that we did not love as much as the person who passed them along...I think 10 months is a fair amount of time to keep them in the freezer thinking we'll eat them someday!! (Sorry

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Totally Army Mom said...

This 'throwing out stuff' story of yours is really inspiring. I find myself tossing a couple of items that I've been hanging onto for no good reason - and feeling so good about tossing them out. Such a weight being lifted off me with each toss!