Friday, October 31, 2008


I love feeling hyper! That is how I basically live my life because I'm always on the go and I LOVE feeling that way. This past week with nothing to do, this break I gave myself, I hated it! I did not like feeling lazy and over thinking life. Today I have an action packed day and I feel the adrenalin flowing through my veins. I love feeling this way...the natural high of life!

I'm out....


Jeppson Family said...

Hey long lost Texas friend. Just wanted to say Happy Halloween. I love the spooky, fall, feel of Halloween. Hope Hyper works out for you's the perfect day for Hyper to visit.
Later, gater,

Amy said...

yay for feeling energized! There's nothin like it...I totally miss it! lol.
You and your husband are so cute! I hope that I'm like that after we've been married longer!