Friday, September 12, 2008

Quirky Issues

Everyone has quirky little things about them. Some are pretty low key kind of things and others are what I like to call red button issues. I admit that there are things that I have strong opinions on that others don't understand or aren't issues to them and vice versa.

Today in one of my forums I belong to online, a woman posted a thread about voting for her child on some photo site. I don't vote, not for anyone. I think it's tacky, I hate the whole voting thing. Ironically enough Kevin nominated me for Military Spouse of the Year and can you guess how the winner chosen? Yup voting, so I think it's safe to say I won't be bearing that title but it's enough that he thinks I'm worthy of such a title. But anyway that wasn't the point of this paragraph. So the lady posted on that thread and I simply closed it out. Well, on that forum we have mailboxes where people can post personal messages to one another. This evening I checked my mailbox and saw a message from the same lady, she had posted in everyone's box a message about voting for her kid. To me that is even more tacky that just posting it on the general board. I don't tell people not to post it, I just close out that thread and move on, but to post in in my mailbox after you already posted it on the general board is just tacky. I wrote her back in her box and told her that I got her little note and I would not be voting because I don't vote for anyone. She wrote me back and told me I was selfish and just ranted at me. Well that certainly isn't going to get a vote for your kid!! So that is one of my little things that bug me.

Another thing that bugs me in forums like that are people who do a poll on what to name their kid. I don't understand this. It's your decision. Can you imagine telling your kid someday, oh I named you Joe cuz some girl in my group online told me that was a good name!

Quirky issue #3. The cell phone. (This is especially for "D" who wondered why I hadn't blogged about it). My cell phone number is sacred to me. I have a cell phone for the sole purpose of emergencies and so that my husband can contact me. I don't need it to chitchat with people at any given time. If you reach me on my cell then that probably means that I'm out and about and don't really have the time to chat with you in the first place. Don't get me wrong, there are people who have my cell phone number and if they call me, fine, most of them are close friends and will understand if I can't chat. So yeah, it's not cool if my cell # is just given out, if I give you my cell number that means I want you to have it, if I don't, well that's just life. I've had people see me pull out my cell phone and say oooooooooh, gimme your cell number. My response is, no. I don't need everyone in the world having access to me at any given moment, call my home number and leave a message, I'll get back to you when I can. This also applies to my email and my messengers, different people get different addresses. I'm just weird about things like that.

Quirky issue #4. Condiments on my hot dog. I didn't think this was weird but apparently it is. I like my mustard and ketchup on my bun first, underneath the hot dog. To me this makes sense, put it on there so it's not as messy and not as likely to make a big mess while trying to eat. That's logical, right?

Quirky issue #5, people who walk on the grass, especially an an Army Post. Oooooooooh it drives me insane. It was drilled in my head at basic training, AIT and at my first duty station, you do NOT walk in the grass. I cannot change that and so when I'm on post and I see Soldiers walking on the grass it kills me. I even told a Major yesterday while I was out with LaNita that he walked on the grass and it was wrong, lol. I can't help it, old habits die hard!

I thought I had one more issue (I'm sure I have a lot more!) but that is it for now. So if you feel so inclined to share your quirkly issues post them on your blog and leave me a comment saying you did!!


Amy said...

holy cow I totally agree with you on the grass thing, um hello sidewalks were made for a reason people! lol....
whenever people put name voting on their stuff and I see it I always try to vote for the most horrible one! :-)

Lost in a Secret Garden said...

We have a lot of the same quirks Nadine.

I too do not vote for peoples kids in photos. It drives me insane how many hours these people spend in trying to find out if they have the cutest kid or not. I really could care less how your child rated in an online photo contest! I get real irritated when people PM, IM, or email me after posting their requests on general forums & MySpace Bulletins & do the same as you in letting them know not to continue to waste even more of their time by adding my name to their lists of requests.

I also am anal about giving out my cell number. I've probably given it out to a few people I shouldn't have but I try and get off quick. I got in a bad habit last month cause of everything going on last month - August was a horrible month. I have the same views as you that the cell isn't for normal I just have to figure out how to get my family to stop TEXTING ME!!!

What I hated when I was having kids is people telling me I couldn't name a child cause there was someone else in the family named that or because they disagreed with it. I understand my g/f & cousin who refuse to tell anyone their name choices now. Course my cousin turns around and says "I wanted Summer but since you stole her name I can't use that", I didn't steal the name, it's not trademarked! Plus I was married years before you and had Summer into my 2nd year of marriage. Whatever...people, don't you wish you could just slap them upside the head a few times. :)

Sarah said...

Oh dear, I do the same thing as Amy! I hate it when people ask me, a person they have never met, to select the name of their child. Poor kid.

Two Lovers & a Cat said...

I like my condiments to be in the bun or touching it so it doesn't slide off too! :o

~.*.~Amber~.*.~ said...

I just had to LOL at the hot dog one. Just braught me back to high school, I guess!!

I don't even have a home phone... don't need it for internet, so I figure why pay two phone bills? So, handing out my cell phone number is a given. What bugs me, is when people text me befroe they ever even ask if it's okay! Not everyone has texting on their phone!!! Okay, so I do, (although not unlimited) but what if I didn't!

Another thing that bugs me, is people who complain about people who are VOULINTEERING. If you don't like the way they're doing it, do it yourself! Or better yet, SHUT-UP!

Amanda Panda said...

I agree with much of what you said. Naming polls irritate me. Probably because we like to keep names to ourselves until it's on the birth certificate. You will be happy to know that in the evenings at 5 pm when they play the colors and retreat, Bethany salutes. lol. Well, she kind of salutes. She is 3, her form isn't perfect, lol. One of my red button issues which is probably pretty ridiculous, but I can't help myself, is words that are not words. When Sprint started saying "overage" I looked in the dictionary. Not there. I looked all over, and didn't see it, thus I decided it is not a real word. So everytime I hear it on tv, i go a little crazy.