Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have so many mixed emotions on this day. For days, weeks and even a few months after, our nation rallied together. Flags were hard to find and it seemed we almost had peace for a while. Slowly over time all that begin to fade. I know moving on is part of the grieving process and for those who aren't still fighting the war in a personal way, 9/11 isn't always as personal.My family is not likely to forget what happened that day. For the 4th straight year in a row our Soldier is gone, the second 9/11 he is spending in Iraq. On 9/11/01, he was gone as well, away from us. Being apart on that day was a small hint to us of what the future would bring to us as a family.

Last night I sat my three boys down (12, 10 and 7) and I explained to them what this day meant. I thought about keeping them home. I acknowledge Patriot Day, really I do, but I don't want my children who are too young to remember the actual attacks to stand around a flag pole on their school grounds waving flags like it's a 4th of July Parade and singing "It's a Grand Old Flag", I don't use the term anniversary because that implies a need for a celebration and today isn't about a celebration. Today is about remembering those who were lost (the innocent), those who sacrificed (the firemen, police, volunteers and the passengers of Flight 93) and those who have since worn the uniform that bears US before any branch they serve in the military.

Many say that 9/11 and the current war in Iraq (part of the Global War on Terrorism) are not connected. To me, it very much is and while I won't go into that argument, I will just say this. That day as I was comforting my children and pondering what life was going to be like, I knew our role as a military just changed. As a result my husand has served in Iraq twice. Last night I was again comforting my children as we talked about that day and their dad being gone and in harm's way.

I am proud to be an Army family. And while we endure hardship and pain at times going through separations, like I told my boys, I couldn't be prouder than this mission we are currently on. To know my husband is a part of less than 1% defending our nation's freedom, to be part of the mission that is working so hard to ensure that another 9/11 doesn't happen here, I can't even put into words.

Recently I received some photos that another Soldier had taken of Kevin "working" in Iraq. In one picture there is a little boy, the way he is looking at Kevin, well you just have to think that there is hope and goodness in what we are doing. Even if you don't agree we should be there or whatever, you can't look at that picture and not at least think for a moment that we are providing hope for Iraq's future.

Today to honor the many who have sacrificed and the many who continue, especially our Soldiers who are currently deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, LaNita and I are going to donate blood. It's our small contribution to say thank you.

To us and many like us 9/11 isn't something we are likely to forget. God Bless America and those who preserve her Freedom.

♥Never Forget - SFC Bryant Herlem, SGT Jose Gomez, SGT Brandon Teeters, SGT Jeremy King, CPT James Funkhouser♥


Sarah said...

Very very well said.

tystrishy said...

Love that post. You're right, that is a great pic!!!