Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School 2008

Sniff, Sniff

Off to school my three boys went and left me all alone,
My fantasy was to crawl back in bed and leisure in my quiet home.

But those who know me, know this is not the way that my life works,
It's off to the bank with waiting times that would drive one berzerk!

A lovely lunch with my dear friend, ribs and tators divine,
Back to my house to sit on the couch and enjoy a few minutes all mine!!

A walk to the school, in this crazy heat, I must be insane,
To pick up two happy boys who want to ramble on about their day.

Upon arrival on our front porch and a puppy happy to see her boys,
The blissfulness soon wore off at a wore broke out over toys.

The third young man arrives home, excited about his day,
He's a 7th grader now, you best stay out of his way.

A dinner of beef and some wonderful juice and it's off to the shower for three,
Because even though it's only been 4 hours, I again am ready for it to be all about me.

Get tucked in young men, let sweet dreams be your lure,
For tomorrow promises to bring yet another school adventure!!!

Ok, completely cheesy I know but that's what came out of my brain. It's back to school time and today I didn't have time to miss my kids. Had PTA duties to take care of and Nita treated me to a yummy lunch.

The boys all had great days and were excited to tell me about all their friends in their classrooms. It's hard to believe I'm the mother of a 7th Grader, but I am. He is so grown. I'm sure Daniel was just in Pre-K and now he's in 2nd Grade. Neil is so excited about his teacher this year, I think it's a great match!

There is only one word for the scene at the school this morning "CHAOS". The line wrapped around the school because of ID checks. Good thing I went to Meet the Teacher night and showed the boys their classes and met their teachers. I got a hug, kiss and a picture and sent the boys on their way. I sat outside the school for a half hour talking to Kevin on the phone (don't wanna drive and talk you know) and at 9 a.m., that line was still around the school, lol.

Overall a good day, glad to be back into a routine and now my life goes into insanity mode.

This is our fourth 1st day of school since we have lived in Texas and the fourth one Kevin missed. Seeing the Soldiers dropping off their kids was hard but such is life, our life!

Pics of my school boys!

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Sarah said...

I think Clear Creek is what we miss most about Texas. :-( Hannah would have been in Mrs. Gillespie's class and we LOVED her. School here is crazy. They go to different classes for different subjects just like middle school. Each grade has it's own building. Lunch is a buffet! It's crazy. Oh, and the teachers are all dressed like they work on Wall Street. Kaleb's teacher was in heels and pearls the first time I met her. Crazy Floridians.