Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Day!

Well it has been a day and I'm glad that it's almost over! I woke up extremely tired since I did not sleep well. Yesterday was one of those crazy overly emotional type days. I'm sure it was PMS, but boy was I missing my man. As a result, I went to bed late and Daniel was sleeping with me and that kid made so much noise and moved so much I came downstairs to sleep on the couch. He is sleeping with me because I need to replace their bunkbeds.

So anyway, the morning started off pretty good, got the kids off to school, Kevin called and then I went and met a friend to do computer stuff and she treated me to lunch. Thanks "K"!

I came home and enjoyed a very nice nap (yes, I napped!!) It was about time for the kids to get home and I was preparing to go do my visiting teaching. The younger boys came home and I was expecting Michael to follow soon after. I went to meet his bus so I could leave and do what I needed to but he didn't get off the bus. I tried to remember if he was supposed to stay after, but didn't remember him telling me that. I remained calm and waited to see if he would call to tell me he missed the bus. I tried calling the school to see if there were after school activities started. No answer (yeah, this pissed me off..they never answer, no matter what time you call). I tried to stay calm but I was started to get angry and then worried. My normally rational mind was starting to go into imagination overdrive. I finally decided to get in the car and go to the school. I'm driving and I realize I left my ID card in my pants I wore yesterday, I turn around, now I'm angrier. I end up behind an MP who is driving sooooooooooooo slow. Seriously, the speed limit is 35 mph and he was going 12 miles!! GRRRRRRRRRRR. I hit post right when retreat is playing, so I have to stop. My anger is now at the point that I'm calm, you know that is dangerous. I get to the school and I go inside, no one in the office. No adults roaming around. I call D because I am so mad. Right as I'm telling her what is going on Michael walks around the corner of the school. I was so mad, I didn't dare say anything to him except, get in the car. I told him not to sit next to me, I didn't want to have him within arm's reach at this point.

Now, Michael is not irresponsible. And he is quite mature for his age, but he's one of those kids who is so smart that he can't possibly have use for common sense. That would take up storage in his brain that he could use to file away facts about the many species of penguins in the world. When we got home, I had to have him go away from me for a while so I could collect my thoughts and get my emotions in check. Thanks Nita for letting me vent to you, lol.

Finally, I ask Michael why he didn't call me. Well easy, his 9th period is athletics..he's on the football team (yes, my son, the football player) and well it extended into after school. His teacher said he had to stay and they didn't go to their lockers after 9th period, they just went right into their practice. Rules are that you can't use your cell phones during school hours or it will be taken away. So in Michael's brain that meant he could not use it nor could he ask to leave to go to the office. He is far too obedient for his own good. I informed him that I hold more power and authority over him that anyone else in this world...I am mother, I gave him life, no one can top that.

I got more emotional because I let all those big "what if" scenarios get in my head, the ones where you wonder if your child is halfway to Mexico or on the side of the street. That fear of not knowing where my child was and thinking I do not want to send this Red Cross message to my husband overseas.

I remained calm for a long time and then the mommy in me came out. But all is well and he learned a good lesson today, don't freak out your mom. Even the other boys were like, oh geez, we better be good, mom is MAD!

Our night ended on a good note. Michael had his Court of Honor and received the rank of First Class in Boy Scouts. He earned five merit badges and got his Camp patch. I am so proud of him. He's already halfway done with his requirements for his next rank. Go Michael!!!

Mom getting pinned after Michael got his rank

The boys doing their Scoutmaster was pretty cute!

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man, I totally would have panicked. I'm so glad he was ok!