Thursday, June 05, 2008

Family Day

So today was our Brigade Family Day. It was one of those days that the Army calls "mandatory fun". It wasn't so bad. It wasn't the most fun I've had at this type of event but we can't complain too much. We had great food that was cooked by volunteers from a VFW post down in Leander, TX. Very yummy! The kids events that were announced didn't really happen but since my kids never have fun with them, it wasn't too much of a loss.

We watched the Tug-O-War which our Battalion lost (it was a hard fight) and then just ventured around.

We ran into people we haven't seen for a while and that was great.

This is Eric Davis...our buddy..he deployed with Kevin last time, was home for a bit, got a tasking, deployed to Iraq for 6 months, he just got back a couple months agao and he ships out again next week for 15 months. It was great running into him!

Ok, so there wasn't a lot to do out there, so we had to come up with our own This is Shaun trying to pretend he doesn't know Kevin...

But a few minutes later, well..the picture speaks for itself, lol

One of the great things that happened was we ran into one of our blog readers! This is Totally Army Mom and her family. Her son ships out soon after Kevin. It was nice meeting them, hope they had a great time with their Soldier!

I honestly have no clue what we were laughing at in this pic but it cracks me so I had to post it. I'm sure we were probably making fun of someone, terrible I know!

I also got a certificate for my "efforts" as a volunteer within our brigade.
Yeah, not the best pic of me but what can you do, it was a long day, LOL That's our Battalion and Brigade Commanders in the pic with me.

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