Wednesday, June 04, 2008

School's Out!

School is officially over for the 2007/2008 school year! Woohoo! Bring on summer...well...ok, honestly I'm not that excited. It's not that I don't enjoy spending time with my boys, I really do. Usually, I'm the mom who can't wait for school to be out so I can hang out with my little men. However, this year, it will just be a huge reminder that someone is missing. Kevin will be gone soon and with the boys home all day it will be harder to think of him "just at work". I'm sure that sounds silly but when I'm home alone while the kids are at school, I'm in my routine. I only have to get through the evenings and that's not so hard when you are doing things for and with your kids. In the summer, the routine is different and knowing that there isn't such a strict timeline points out the obvious.

I know we'll be ok and I am glad to have my boys with me. We have Boy Scout camp and Cub Scout Day camp. We have a few things here and there planned. We'll have fun, we always do.

All three boys got promoted to the next grade level. Officially we are now the parents of a 2nd grader, 5th grader and a 7th grader (I'm in denial about this one). They finished the year off well and we are so proud of all their accomplishments.

Neil and Daniel got trophies for their participation in Chess. I love how the school and clubs recognize the kids. Kevin and I also got a trophy for being cool Chess parents, lol. It made me feel good know we all love recognition!

So school's out, time for summer fun. Tomorrow we'll be headed to our Brigade's Family's supposed to be lot's of fun! We'll see...I'm sure I'll blog about it!


Totally Army Mom said...

We will be there too! I hope we will be able to find each other. Aren't there about 3000 in a brigade - meaning 3000 families?
That's a lot of people.

I am so glad this Family Day is scheduled while we are in town visiting.

Shamae said...

That is great about your boys and their accomplishments. You should be very proud! 7th grade huh...I would be in denial too!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that pic of Kevin looking behind him at his boys. That is just one of the neatest pics I've ever seen.

Becca said...

HUGS Nadine