Saturday, May 10, 2008

What a Week!

I am sooooooooooo glad to see this week come to an end. It was a crazy busy week. Somehow all sorts of things fell onto my calendar. Each day I had at least three things to do. Luckily all the things on the calendar were activities I enjoy participating in (well for the most part, anyway). I taught AFTB classes (I will be blogging about AFTB sometime in the near future to answer some questions I've been asked recently), had Parent Advisory stuff at school, pre-deployment briefing, instructor meetings, deployment club, luncheons, teas, a comedy act (Achmed the Dead Terrorist...HILARIOUS!). Today we had our Scout show.

Kevin signed out on leave today and so did I. We are in our final weeks before Kevin deploys for his 15 month rotation to the sandbox. I have cut my schedule way down so we can focus on our family and just be together. The calendar is pretty empty and I think I might leave it like that for a while...(maybe 15 months, lol)


Jason & Dorshan said...

Jason and I had a date tonight - it was so fun. Have to admit we both had moments where we had to breathe to not start tearing up. LOL It's getting closer... AHHHHHH!! :) Well, in any event - I hope I am at least sketched on your calendar sometime during those 15 months. hehe

Tresa said...

Its amazing how busy us moms let it get.
Totally have fun with the family.
Maybe if gas prices don't get too crazy the boys and I can make a trip out to visit everyone

Michelle said...

You *have* been busy! Man! I agree that it's time to clear the calender, and just let life happen to you guys for the next couple weeks. Live for every moment.