Thursday, May 15, 2008


I think we're old...the term chaperone used to make me think of "old" people, lol. Yesterday Kevin and I chaperoned the beginning band from Michael's school. It was in interesting journey. Getting on the bus itself was an adventure. The seat backs were outrageously high..if anyone knows the reasoning behind this please let me know, I quite enjoy being able to see the road ahead of us.

What really got my brain going though was the conversations between these mostly 6th graders. They are all about 12-13 years old. The racial slurs they used..they kept calling one little Mexican boy Diego (and they weren't being nice to him). The two little boys behind us kept chanting this little rap song about being gangsta and doing lines of cocaine. One little boy was fascinated with the word ejaculate and said it about three times before stopping (even though Kevin told him to stop saying it after the first time).

Their attitudes were bad too, they really made me angry because they were so disrespectful. They were disrespectful to the faculty that were on the bus and to me and Kevin. Of course, anyone who knows Kevin and I know that we didn't tolerate it. The other teachers weren't taken so seriously, it could have been that they weren't very forceful in their requests to sit down and be quiet.

I told Michael, that he'd be in serious trouble if he ever acted the way some of these kids were acting. I don't know what's worse that the kids acted this way or that the teachers gave up and just didn't bother with trying to correct the attitude.

Now I do feel old because I want to shake my head and say "kids these days".

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Shamae said...

I must say reading your blog made me shake my head and say "kids these days." I wonder how many parents would be horrified to know it was their kid acting that way. Glad you and Kevin didn't put up with it. I wouldn't have either. I think...don't quote me on this...but i think I remember hearing or reading that the seat backs were so high for safety reasons. Anyway kudos to you guys being the chaperone!