Saturday, March 22, 2008

800 Eggs, Tanks and a Bunny

Today we had our Battalion Easter Egg Hunt. I think it went really well. We had a crazy amount of eggs...over 2000! I think the coolest part was that we had our Egg Hunt at one of the museum's on know you are truly Army when you're hiding eggs around tanks and other Army vehicles!

We had a picnic afterwards and a visit by the Easter Bunny. Overall a good day. I'm not into going out in large crowds with psychotic parents running over children for plastic eggs so my poor kids don't get to attend a lot of events like this but since I was part of the planning process of this I felt I should go. We didn't have any psycho parents (really there was no need to be, some kids collected over 100 eggs each). We had a good time and the kids made out with lots of candy! That's 800 Easter Eggs
Gotta love Army Easter Egg Hunts!

Mr. Bunny and I


Totally Army Mom said...

I like the pictures.

We were down at Ft Hood on friday. It was our first visit to this base. We had planned to visit our son - but he is in training so we couldn't see him. We did visit the 1st Cav museum though. It looks like that is where the egg hunt was.


Your pastel tops match Mr. Easter Bunny. Too cute!