Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congrats to Our Soldier!

Congrats to Kevin, the SFC/E7 promotion list came out and he is on it! I feel, in my very biased opinion, that this is long overdue. It will be nice that he will be recognized (and paid) for the position he fills. He will probably get promoted when he is in Iraq (which is kind of crappy, since I think I should be the one that pulls the old rank off and velcroes the new rank on...but such is Army life).
Congrats baby, we are so proud of you!!!
Congrats to all our friends who made the list as well!
P.S. This was our good news that I had mentioned without details in a previous blog...sorry to disappoint some of you who emailed me asking if we were pregnant! We are done having babies, lol


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Congratulations Kevin!!!!