Saturday, November 03, 2007

What a week, it ended at the Race Track!

What a week! Starting on Wednesday this week has been insane. I had hardly a minute to myself to relax. It was constantly go, go, go! Wednesday Kevin headed out to the wonderful NTC at a highly unreasonable time. Dear Army, could you please make it so that you could fit deployment train-up into a schedule more pleasing to my sleeping pattern! From then it was just busy! I taught three AFTB classes in two days. I helped decorate my friend's yard for Halloween. Had to go sit in on the kids's "Fall Festival" parties (yeah, overindulgence anyone?) Then the ever wonderful trick-or-treating! I took the kids on post to a "spookfest" which was less traumatic for me (I can't handle all the rude kids that pound on your door, demanding free candy...well I love the little kids with the cute outfits). At least a the spookfest the kids had to kind of work for their treats and they actually got more then just a pile of candy! After that we had to admire Nita's yard. Thursday was another busy day starting off with AFTB, manicures and a very long hair appointment. I also took the boys to get their haircut and then we had to get everything ready for Friday! (I've already posted the pics for the two days of insanity).
Well finally..finally it was...Texas Motor Speedway time!!!!!
I had planned to take the boys to practice and qualifying as a special treat. We drove up to the race track kind of early and spent the entire day wandering around (I should have wore a pedometer, and trust me Evil Ed (not that he reads this but....) Nita got her workout in with the steps alone!). The kids had a blast and so did I. I was so excited for them. We walked around and took pics, we watched two different shows that they air from the track LIVE. We got to stand up close and personal with a real Nascar Driver and got his autograph (hope you like it Erica!). The kids deemed the experience AWESOME and their favorite part of it was EVERYTHING. (I think their fave part was the shopping, we got some GREAT deals, like seriously great!)
Overall the experience was great, the only not so great part of it was an annoying woman whom I was going to blog about but I've decided that she demanded so much attention yesterday at the race track that I will not give her another moment of my time. I will say this though, support our troops and their families, the ones who sacrifice without a price tag!!
Daniel informed me this morning that his favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He wants me to know that he still likes Mark Martin but he would rather have Jr win, lol. He was very serious when he informed me of this news (mom happens to like Mark Martin!)
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