Sunday, October 21, 2007

A wonderful day (October 20)

We had a great day! I was a little nervous about our FRG function but it was a lot of fun.

We started off with Cub Scouts and I had a great little den meeting with my little Cubs. We made Thank You cards for our Cubmaster since he's leaving to Iraq soon. He loved them and the kids really had fun making them.

Then we went straight to the park our "Fall Festival" was being held. We really did have a lot of fun. I helped with the games and it was nice meeting the Soldiers and their families. Good times. The kids had a blast and came home with way too much candy and Michael won the kid's raffle.

We came home and rested for just a little bit then Kevin and I headed out to dinner. I met the Instructor Challenge for AFTB for this quarter and was invited to a small dinner party. The theme was Oktoberfest and the food was GREAT! The company was awesome also. They made a wonderful toast that almost had me in tears. The Installation Commander was there and he gave a great talk and presented us all with his coin (HUGE for me and Kevin, cuz it's a silly competition between us, lol). It was nice, there were less then 10 people there so it was a really neat night.

Anyway, just wanted to share our day. And of course, you all didn't think you'd get away without any pics, did ya??

These first 3 are really neat angles that Kev took of the boys on the playground equipment...

I LOVE this pic of Daniel

Some action shots of Neil and Michael...Neil on the slide and Michael showing his move with the Hula Hoop, lol

This is a shot of Kevin and I someone else caught with our camera...we were hugging over some railing

The Pinata, kids almost beat everyone around them instead of the Pinata, lol

Kevin and I being silly with fake gross teeth...I could barely get this pic I was laughing so hard, which is why I look retarded, lol

Posing with the coin and laughing with the hubby.

This is really significant, so often during his career I attend as his guest...tonight it was about me and he was my guest so I had to point out the nametag.

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