Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just an update

Well things in our home are trucking along. We had our pre-NTC brief, they kept using that naughty word we don't like in our home (deployment). You know what I find interesting, it's still 9 months away and that seems like a long time (ask anyone who's been pregnant, lol). But when you are anticipating, 9 months isn't long enough..but when they are gone, it's way too long. Well this time around, they will be gone for 15 months! Nothing like hearing stuff! As a special treat to the families...the boys will be headed out before Halloween! Trick or Treat Army Families...definately a lame trick indeed.

Well let's see what is new with us...oh yes, the exciting news around these parts is that Daniel finally lost his first was excitement indeed. I thought he was stalling going to bed but no, he was losing his first tooth, quite a dramatic event for mama because it shows that her baby really is growing up whether I want him to or not. The following morning he was so sweet, he came up to me and asked if I could please brush his teeth softly, lol. So cute!!!

Ok, Neil is doing very well. We've had a few meltdowns this year but overall he is doing great and the news with Neil is that he made the Robotics Competition Team! Yay Neil! I am so happy for him, he wanted this so badly and was so nervous when it came to the interview. Neil doesn't show a lot of emotion but I knew when he walked out of the double doors yesterday that he had made it...he had the little embarrassed silent excitement. I am soooooo happy for him and so proud of him. What is Robotics?, check out that site for a bit more info.
He is also almost done with his Bear requirements for Cub Scouts and is working hard on earning the special Texas Badge!

Well what about Michael! Michael continues to enjoy middle school (although I don't enjoy saying I have a middle schooler, lol). He is doing very well. He was selected to be on the Counselor's Club which helps out with the 6th Grade Club, Student Council and the Counselor's Club which helps new students integrate into the school. He was pretty happy the day he got selected for that and of course, we are proud! He is doing really well on his Bassoon, we are pleasantly surprised that it's not torture, he sounds pretty good! He is also Patrol Leader for his Boy Scout Patrol, a role he takes quite seriously. He continues to move along and should be receiving his Tenderfoot at the next Court of Honor in December!

I already mentioned Kevin leaving soon for more training (is he ever home?!?!). He is also currently the 11 year old Assistant Scout Leader. He enjoys working with the boys and wishes that he had more time to dedicate to it. Work keeps him pretty busy and he comes home very tired.

And lastly, what have I been up to? Not a whole lot if you want to know the truth. I have really slowed down in my volunteering. I continue to teach AFTB Classes through ACS and really enjoy doing that. I was involved in the local AFAP conference in September, I LOVE doing that. I also recently volunteered to be the Secretary for our FRG. New unit, new adventure, I think it will be a good thing! Other then that it's just me and the boys hanging out. Homework time is more demanding this year as all three boys have lots of it at times so I just don't feel like I need to have a lot on my plate. I also continue to teach Sunday School and am a Cub Scout Bear Den leader.

Well that's our update, hopefully I didn't bore ya...but then if you wanted to, you could have stopped reading, LOL..until next time!!!

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