Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Now, I'm not normally a victim to fads, I pride myself on kind of just being me and not following the crowds. Sometimes that's hard when your kids want something that is all the new rage! My kids all wanted HEELYS. They are the cool shoe with the wheel in the shoe. We had purchased some for Neil this past Christmas as that was the only thing on his Christmas list. Grandma A. came to visit and said she'd buy the kids school shoes. They all chose these wonderous inventions. Neil is an old pro with these shoes. Daniel and Michael have some learning to do. Well they looked to be having so much fun, Mom and Dad had to try them out too. I don't like admitting that my children are growing and it's a sad fact that two of my three boys now wear shoes bigger then me but it's ok, it also has it's being that I fit into their HEELYS, lol. Kevin didn't really fit into Michael's but he shoved his foot in so he could at least share the experience. Putting them on, I thought, this can't be so hard, right? Wrong, lol..they are so not like my cool Smurf rollerskates from my childhood. I was so afraid of busting my rear that I kept Kevin close at hand. Here are some pics of our HEELYS adventure, lol.


Amanda Panda said...

LOL, you guys look like you were having a lot of fun! I would probably bust my head open in those shoes!

Becca said...

You look like you are having a wonderful time with your hubby! That is a lovely picture.....seriously