Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

I miss my kids. I know there are a lot of parents out there who count down the days to when they send their kids back to school. I am not one of those parents. I love hanging out with my kids. Of course I have my moments like many other parents who need a break but I really do miss my kids when they are not around.

Today Michael started 6th grade, middle school. Even now I wonder what he's doing, is he feeling ok? Is he overwhelmed. I want to go to the school and check on him. I won't but I miss him. I know he is probably having a blast and not even thinking about me. I know part of my discomfort is that he isn't as close as he used to be. It will require a little more driving time and other effort to get to him if I need to. Yes people, I know I sound a little crazy but this is my kid!!!

Neil and Daniel were excited for school too, they woke up with no problems and were dressed and sitting with their backpacks 40 minutes before we had to leave, lol. I only hope they continue to be this excited each day but I know there will come the morning where I struggle to get them up.

Kevin and I walked Michael to the bus stop and we did hang back a bit when we saw that there were no other parents there. Man, the kids there seemed so big. He was excited and we let him go. I watched the bus drive away and my heart was sad but I know he'll be ok.

Dropping off the other two boys was chaos. I swear a lot of people must have drank their cup of stupid this morning because the insanity was just unreal. And there really was no reason for it. People who don't know how to park so there was wasted space where I could have pulled in. People who cross the roads wherever even though there are pedestrian crosswalks 10 feet up. Then they look at me like I'm the one that's wrong. Oh and let's not forget the idiots who go out the entrance only lane, that one annoys me too. I almost took a lady's door off because as I was driving through the parking lot, she swung her door open without even looking (for a split second I was tempted to just hit the door and her too for being so dumb).

Anyway, it's the first day of school and I miss my it time to pick them up yet?

Michael walking to the bus stop
Michael getting on the bus..he's the 3rd kid...


Bringhurst Family said...

Neil looks so serious...I missed Sydni too. At least I have two to cuddle with while she's gone. I feel for your empty nestness =)

Amanda Panda said...

Oh how bittersweet to send them off to school. I know I enjoy the break when Bethany is at school, but I miss her too. I find myself sometimes leaving a little too early to go pick her up, and have to make myself wait, lol.