Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

I'm sitting here, in a few hours it will officially be Memorial Day 2007. What does that mean? How many Americans seriously sit back and reflect on this special day? Are they taking a few moments to reflect on what the day off truly means or are they more interested in the days festivities. Not the tributes, the ceremonies or the moments of silence that SHOULD represent the day but the BBQ's, trips to the lakes and whatever "fun" activities.

What does Memorial Day mean to me? Well honestly, it makes my heart ache. It makes my eyes well up with tears. I remember those who I didn't know who sacrificed, I remember those I did know who sacrificed and I remember those who serve today who sacrifice.

Right now my husband is not home, he's sitting somewhere in the desert in CA, a far cry from where he spent last Memorial Day which was in the sands of Iraq but his sacrifice is still the same. He's apart from his family because of his duty to his country. Memorial day isn't only about the troops who serve but those who stand behind them, supporting them. I look at my boys who sacrifice the little things so that the neighbors down the road can enjoy freedom.

I don't want people who read this to think I want to take anything away from the troops who do sacrifice and I will not compare the sacrifices of my children to those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom but I do want to acknowledge their small contribution to the price of Freedom.

My heart aches daily for those who will not get the Homecoming Ceremony that the majority of us got. I pray for the Gold Star families daily. I appreciate their sacrifice and acknowledge it.

I salute our troops...those who served in the past, those who serve today and those who will serve in the future. God Bless America and those who protect her freedom daily.

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queensgirl said...

Well said Nadine!! Love your blog!
Vicki and Villa