Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Daddy and his boys!
Today is Father's Day. I am married to one of the most amazing Father's out there. I admit that I am biased in that opinion. 12 years ago when my husband and I were just friends we would often go to the mall and walk around. Kids would approach him and he would get on his knees and talk with them. Kids just loved him. I enjoyed watching his interaction with them. I remember one day thinking how I wished I could marry a man like that. A year later, I married that man. There is nothing more beautiful then watching a man with his children. I love seeing him laugh with them, cuddle with them.

Our lifestyle often shows him with gear that could seem somewhat harsh and hard, I love seeing him put aside the M4 he had to take with him to Iraq and arm himself with a smile to embrace our kids with his love.

We often have to bid him goodbye and we do so with tears in our eyes and with an ache in our heart. Some people may not understand that I am grateful for those feelings. It lets me know that our children love their father wholeheartedly to feel these emotions. I hope that every time he says goodbye my children feel that void in their life.

Happy Father's Day Kevin, we love you and are grateful for you in our lives.

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