Monday, September 01, 2014

Boys of Fall 2014 - Neil

 I love watching Neil wrestle but there is something awesome about watching him play football.  He didn't play last year and I didn't realize how much I missed watching him until his first game of this season.  I was overwhelmed with excitement!  It is so fun watching him on the field.  He really hoped to be on Varsity as a linebacker but those spots are taken by seniors this year.  He does play on kickoff and while it's not quite enough for him I'm happy to see him on the field every Friday night. 

He is a starter on his JV squad and is a beast.  It's funny to think that when he came home in 7th grade I was so nervous about him playing and now here he is, often a leader.  I am so proud of how far he has come and look forward to seeing him get even better.

Go #90!

 One of the things I love the most about Friday night football is watching the four boys from our church gather together in prayer before each game.  I love these tender moments!

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