Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Another Girls Camp in the books.  It was another amazing time.  I admit that the weeks before camp I wasn't really feeling it.  Michael left just a few days before and that combined with Cub Scout Day Camp I conducted a few weeks earlier, I was just tired.  I love Girls Camp but it's a lot of work and sometimes I don't feel like doing it.  That being said, I am grateful that the Lord knows me better than I know myself and also instilled in me a deep sense of commitment.  I said I would do it and nothing would stop me.  I also felt strongly early on in the year that I was not to call a Girls Camp director and that continued right up until Girls Camp.

A couple days before Girls Camp, I felt at such peace with the fact that I was supposed to go.  Even when trying to get the two boys ready for a canoe trip that was planned after Kevin and I committed to go to Girls Camp.  I have so much anxiety when it comes to letting my boys go somewhere without Kevin or I.  Yes, I know they are big boys but it's just how I am.  I am especially over protective of Neil who people don't always understand and assume things about him.  It was a challenge.  After a lot of praying and humbling myself, I felt at peace with letting them go and letting others take care of them.

I really felt peace at camp that they were okay and we were okay.

My girls at camp were awesome.  I really do love each and everyone of them.  I appreciate that they were willing to put aside the luxuries of the world and take the opportunity to get closer to our Heavenly Father.  Some aspects of camping just aren't fun, we know that.  The heat, no showers, creepy crawlies.  But the bond you create with others your age, the growth in your testimonies, being able to just be you without pretense,  I love it!
St. Robert 1st Ward Young Women and Leaders

 We have the best Bishop and Bishop's wife.  We had so much fun on Bishop's night.  They brought ice cream (yum!) and played games with the girls.  The Bishop gave a great lesson on self worth but let's be real, the girls were looking forward to playing the games.  Our Bishop is probably one of the youngest in the Stake so it's always fun when he visits Girls Camp.  He's so competitive which makes the girls laugh.  Kevin joined in on the fun too so it was just that much more hilarious.  We have some insanely competitive girls in our ward so we're a loud bunch.  Apparently, all the other wards could hear the craziness from our camp site...oops!

I really enjoyed having Kevin out at Camp with me all week long.  It was a sacrifice for him to take that time off of work.  He has come out and helped set up camp or break it down in the past but never been able to stay the entire week.  He actually went out a day before I did and helped out so much.  I loved hearing the comments from others about how great he was.  Some of the girls made fun of us for being "so cute".  I told them they deserved to have a man just like him or even better.  We aren't perfect but we strive to be like Christ.  I admit I got a bit upset with him at times for hovering over me, he's so danged protective but I love it to.  I feel so blessed that he does watch over me and that he has raised our boys to do the same.

The last night of camp he gave this amazing devotional on the Armor of God.  He put on a bunch of his Army gear and it was just awesome.  I am constantly in awe of his testimony and knowledge of the gospel.
One of the highlights for me was being able to do a sunrise hike with our girls.  It was a huge sacrifice as we got up at 4 a.m.  I think most of us were still asleep as we walked the 1.5 miles to the location we were going to watch the sun rise.  It was gorgeous and such a reminder to me of the beauty the Lord has created for us. 
Kevin & I the morning of the sunrise hike.
If I were to be honest, the actual highlight of camp for me was getting an email from Michael.  I did my best to adhere to the electronics fast that the girls had to.  I actually didn't have my phone on most of the time but would occasionally check it to see if I had messages from Neil or Daniel.  When I checked my phone Thursday morning, there was a beautiful email from Michael.  I felt so lucky that I got to read it with Kevin.  I also read it to some of the girls and it was just amazing being able to share it with them and talk about some of the things he mentioned.  You can read his email on his blog.

One of the repetitive themes throughout camp was to do hard things and I feel I did that.  The Lord asked me to send my son overseas on a mission for two years, I did.  He asked me to have faith that there are others who would watch over and keep my boys safe on a canoe trip, I did that.  He promised me a wonderful experience at Girls Camp where I could connect with my girls, I feel I accomplished that.  He gave me time to spend with my husband and gave me the opportunity to really appreciate all he does for our family and others.  There may have been challenges but there were far more blessings.  

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