Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Three Boys, Three Winter Journeys

This past weekend we closed out our folkstyle wrestling season and winter indoor drumline. It's been an amazing winter in regards to the boys activities. 

I am so proud of my boys. Watching Michael perform in the drumline and interact with his friends was such a blessing. Even when he was frustrated about practices or performances he still had fun. I loved that he was in the front so I could always see him.

Michael, you are amazing! Your musically talent is something I hope you stay humble about. Thank you for your patience as we were not always there for your performances, thank you for understanding.

Daniel, you made a goal and while you think you fell short, you had a wonderful wrestling season. It was such a joy to watch you go out and be a pinning machine (25 pins for the season). I loved watching you support your friends on our team and those from other teams. I loved watching you laugh one second and then turn into all business the next.

Neil, your wrestling season wasn't as long as you wanted it to be but watching you coach our kids in the club was such a beautiful thing to experience. Your interaction with the kids making them push themselves yet encouraging the isn't something everyone can do. Your tenderness when they just needed to work through emotions was a humbling sight to see. You have grown into a wonderful mentor.

I loved when our music world mixed with our wrestling world. The Thursday before state the indoor drumline performed at the middle school for the 8th graders. I loved having our wrestlers tell me how much they enjoyed watching Michael perform, they were impressed he could play with four mallets.

We are blessed with three amazing boys who are individuals and have unique talents. While they are the Albrecht boys, they certainly are their own people and we love them each with all of our hearts.

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