Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School 2013

I cannot believe this is Michael's senior year.  If I let myself think about it too long it really makes me sad.  He has so much to look forward to after this year...a mission, college and eventually getting married and starting a family.  I remember sending him off to kindergarten so many years ago and feeling like time was going too fast and now here we are preparing him for whatever the world is going to throw at him when he ventures out on his own.  He has a great group of friends this year and has spent a lot of time with them.  I have a hard time letting him go and not spend every waking moment with me but I know he needs to blossom.

Neil is a sophomore and I know initially this year is going to start out rough as he is not playing football due to his elbow injury.  He just wasn't cleared in time but that's okay, we know there is a reason.  He just continues to get stronger and will have an amazing wrestling season...I just know it.  Neil doesn't show a lot of emotion so it was hard to gauge how his first day went but overall he was glad to be back with his friends.  He passed his driving permit test and will get to start practicing driving just as soon as I find his stinkin' birth certificate!

Daniel is a 7th grader and ready to conquer middle school.  I think out of the three boys he has the most confidence heading into the dreaded middle school years.  I hope that will protect him.  He said he got lost a few times but otherwise was okay.  He was happy to have a full-size locker he doesn't have to share.  He is playing football and is having lots of fun.  He is quite secure with his athletic ability and feels he will get a decent shot at playing time.  I hope he does so it doesn't crush his spirit. 

The first day was like every other first day for me, I was sad.  I do not enjoy sending my boys back to school.  The bonus was that I got to spend the day with Kevin who was home for a first day of school!  We had breakfast with a good friend and then went and did service for one of the sweet ladies in our church ward who is moving.  It was nice just being able to relax.

Here's to the 2013-2014 school year, I hope it's a great one for my boys and everyone else!

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