Saturday, May 11, 2013

We are Family

I have said it many times that the Military is one big, extended family.  That was proven again yesterday and today when our community came out in full support of helping honor a young Soldier who died while serving in Kuwait.  SPC Charles McClure's body was flown to Fort Leonard Wood and escorted through the installation and taken to a local funeral home yesterday.  The streets from the airport to funeral home were LINED the entire way.  To say I am humbled would be an understatement.  It was a beautiful sight to see.

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Word came down that the church who likes to protest Soldier's funeral had issued a press release that they were coming to protest this young man's funeral.  Our community stepped up and way!  I asked the boys last night if they wanted to go stand in support of this Fallen Soldier.  Their immediate response was YES!  Daniel told me that it made him angry and that if something happened to his Dad and they showed up, he would kick them in their face.  I love the bravery of an 11 year-old.
My boys, paying their respect

We got up this morning and we lined the street outside the cemetery.  I met some new people and reunited with others I have known since our time here.  I loved the spirit that I felt there, one of unification and community.
One of my favorite pics I snapped.  I recognized one of the wrestlers parking and when I walked down the hill a bit, I saw them hang this sign on his truck.  They were gracious enough to pose for me.  So proud of the youth in our community!

In recent weeks people have said some pretty ignorant comments to me in regards to our community.  They have made comments about the transition of the Military making their lives a bit hard.  As I stood on the side of the street today I thought briefly about those people and I suddenly felt sad for them.  They don't get it.  I looked to the left and the right of me and saw what it meant to live in this community and felt bad that they don't get to feel that sense of pride that can't even begin to be described in words.

Strangers lined up today and a family dispersed when the last vehicle left the cemetery.  I pray for the McClure family and hope that they felt uplifted in love and honor as they paid respects to their Soldier and said their goodbyes. Rest in Peace SPC McClure, we won't forget.

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Jen said...

A friend of mine is there as well and posted about that church being there. They are showing up at Bliss in a few weeks boo!