Sunday, November 11, 2012

To My Favorite Veteran - Veteran's Day 2012

Kevin in Iraq 2008
To my amazing husband.  I am so blessed to call you my eternal companion.  Thank you for your desire to continue serving your country even past the '20' year mark.
I love this picture of Kevin on the Big Island of  Hawaii sometime in the early 90's.

You are truly an example of selflessness.  I know not everyone understands our decisions to be separated and perhaps many see Korea as a place of no significance but we know that is where you are supposed to be.  There has been heartache and happiness in this journey of Military life but I have always been proud to stand beside you and say, yes I am a Soldier's wife.

I know that the sacrifice has been significant on your part.  The loss of friends, the images that will never be erased in your mind of war. 
Visiting the 4th ID Memorial Wall where the names of his friends rest.

This is a very real moment.  I felt like I was intruding by taking the picture but I also feel it captures what my husband is feeling as he visits the memorial with his friend's pictures for the first time.  This is not staged.

I know the separations can be grueling.  At times it's almost too much for me to bear knowing that often you are alone.  I smile through the tears as I remember the times you had to play with our children via webcam (yet grateful at the same time for such technology).
These pictures are from when Kevin was in Iraq in 2006
I know that the experiences you have had have not always been pleasant, I know the trials you have had to endure.  I also know that in this life, there are so many blessings that have come to us as a result of being an Army Family.
Welcome Home 2006
You are my favorite Veteran.  I hope you know that I love you and honor you every day.
R&R 2009

I hope you know how proud our boys are of you, how proud they are to say their dad is a Soldier.
We may be separated again this year but know that what physical distance creates is a deeper love and appreciation in a bond that few can understand.
Nay- FLW, MO; Kevin - South Korea 2012

I love you, thank you for taking care of our family and the families of our nation.  Happy Veteran's Day.

Your loving wife & eternal companion,


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