Monday, October 01, 2012

My Boys Rock Pink!

I love that my boys love to wear pink.  Now that my cause concern for some mothers but my boys do it for a special reason.  My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I have many aunts who have either fought it or are fighting it so it's very personal for my family.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but my boys wear pink all year round.  My youngest gets teased sometimes but he doesn't care, he stands up strong and explains why he wears it.  All three of my boys are wearing some type of pink today in honor of our family and anyone else who has fought or is fighting breast cancer.  I am so proud of my boys for choosing to wear pink so proudly.
Neil has a teammate who wore pink gloves for a while and when asked why he wore them, his response was they were cool. When Neil came with his pink spikes for his cleats, some kids were accusing him of trying to be like the other boy.  When Neil informed them why he wore pink, they were all immediately quiet.  

Daniel has had some really special moments wearing pink.  Last week at football practice I was talking to another mother and she asked me if my son was the one who always wears pink.  Daniel has a pink mouth guard, pink gloves, pink socks, pink wristband, pink cleat spikes and a pink towel.  When I replied yes, she paused for a moment and then said, "thank you."  She went on to tell me she is currently fighting breast cancer and it's nice to see someone so young doing something to honor that fight.  It made me proud to know Daniel makes these choices and that his effort is recognized.
On Friday, our high school had a tailgate party before their homecoming football game.  Our local chamber of commerce set it up and so many of the local businesses were there with lots of free and cool giveaways.  Colton's Steakhouse was there and there big focus was on Breast Cancer Awareness.  The owner shared with us that his mother is a breast cancer survivor and so it's important to him.  When he saw Daniel's socks and bracelets he was very impressed.  Daniel told him why he wears pink and then shared how sometimes he gets teased at school but he doesn't care.  The gentleman was so impressed he gave Daniel one of his limited Breast Cancer Awareness shirts for his restaurant.  Daniel put it on immediately and the guy snapped a picture of him in front of their van.  I wasn't that quick but got a picture later.
Awareness for all cancers is important and I acknowledge all of the causes.  While we focus more on Breast Cancer because that is what has affected us personally, my prayer is that there will one day be a cure for all types of cancer.

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They look good in pink :)