Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TDT #7 - Missed Milestones

One of the ways I have always done my countdowns when my  husband is away is by counting trash days.  Most of the time it isn't as daunting a number as the estimated number of days he'll be gone.  And it helps me remember to put the trash out, or rather encourage my boys to put the trash out since it's their job.  So this will be my new weekly post, and I'll just really post whatever, no real set theme.  Please feel free to join me on this adventure of counting down the time until your loved one comes home!   
One of the crappiest parts of being separated is the things that Kevin misses out on.  I already feel bad that we're here and he's there all alone.  I, at least have the boys with me, but I often feel like he is out facing the big, bad world alone.  It makes me sad.  It makes me sadder when he misses out on milestones in the kid's lives.  I'm not going to make a huge list of everything he has missed out on simply because I don't want this entry to be THAT depressing but it is reality that he has missed out on some special things.  We try our hardest to keep him as involved but there are just some things that you can't fully appreciate unless you are physically there.
 Tonight Neil shaved for the first time.  He is in JROTC this year and tomorrow is their first inspection. He knew he was going to have to shave since he was starting to look a little scruffy.  We have a friend staying with us right now who is 21 and he helped Neil out.  The best I could offer him is what I do when I shave my legs, but he wasn't too impressed with my feminine advice.
Neil is our first child to shave.  Michael still has barely any facial hair on his sweet baby face.  I can't believe my boys are growing so fast.  I know Kevin is sad that he wasn't here to do the Father/Son bonding thing over shaving cream and razors but he also knows that good people are in our lives to help go through these milestone journeys.  
And of course, with wonderful technology, I was able to capture the moment with my handy dandy camera!

How do you deal with milestones during separations with your loved ones?

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John, Heather, Emma, Lily & Jana said...

This blog tugged at my heart. Missing milestones is one of the unreconsilable parts of deployment for me. It hurts and there is no fix. We take lots of pictures, We blog of course, we write down what's important, take a video... Anything that can help John get part of the experience. I go feel fortunate to live in an age where technology makes that easier.