Monday, August 06, 2012

Six Things I Will Do to Survive This Separation

I was thinking yesterday about what I would do to keep myself positive during this separation. I've made a list below of things that I feel will help me keep the right attitude for the next year.

1. Walk daily.  I actually have a goal of walking 6,800 miles in 365 days.  That is the distance between where we live and where my husband will be living. I walked 7, 348 miles in 2005/2006 when Kevin was in Iraq.  It was such a great goal and it helped to keep me focused on what really mattered in a unique way.
I had to buy new shoes for this goal, right?  I don't even like pink but these shoes were on sale and kinda cute!

2.  Make my bed every day.  This probably sounds silly but honestly I hate making my bed.  I hated it as a kid and when I was in the Army and so I rarely make my bed.  Even with feeling that way, I actually like the way my room feels when my bed is made.  It brings a sense of peace.
I'm even making my kids make their beds...they are seriously confused, lol

3.  Write my husband a handwritten letter at least once a week.  I love receiving snail mail and I know my husband does too.  We did really well writing each other during his last deployment to Iraq.  I still love looking through the cards and letters we wrote each other.  There is something special about a tangible display of your affection.

4.  Provide service with my boys to someone at least twice a month.  What better way to forget your own troubles than providing service for others.  It may be a big project or something small like baking cookies or other treats and dropping them off.  (Like last night our Bishop and his sweet wife dropped off cinnamon rolls at our house and it left our family with such an amazing feeling of being loved.)

5.  Pray and read my scriptures daily.  I'm pretty good about my prayers (seriously praying many times throughout the day).  I struggle however reading the scriptures.  I know working on both of these will bring me closer to my  Heavenly Father and will help keep me balanced throughout my day.

6.  Smile.  People say I'm way too serious and intimidating a lot of the time.  I want to stop, smile and focus on the simple things in life.


Maggie Hollinger said...

You can do this!!! You are one of the most grounded people that I know :) Love, You, Kevin and the boys

Maggie Hollinger said...

You can do it!!! You are one of the most grounded people I know :) Love, You, Kevin and the boys

periwinkle4 said...

You are seriously so inspiring. I hope that this deployment flies by! You, Kevin, and your family are in my prayers!

TotallyContent said...

You go Nadine!! I love the walking idea and the handwritten letters. At Mr.K's family reunion we saw letters almost 100 years old between Mr.K's relatives during the early wars. They were amazing!

Kristen said...

People who say you are serious and intimidating just don't know you well enough ;)

I think your list would improve any of ourlives, whether our spouses are home or away. Kudos to you for knowing what you want out of life and taking steps to get it.

trooppetrie said...

my husband does not know but my goal for this deployment was to lose weight. it has been 6 months and I have lost 65 pounds. my husband has no idea. I cannot wait to surprise him

Emily said...

Great ideas! Especially making your bed. I feel the same way, I don't know why it is so hard to do, but when I do it there really is peace in my house!
Thanks for the shout out, I'm glad you felt are loved!