Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday Daniel

Oh my sweet Daniel, how I love you so much.  You are such a special spirit and you bring us so much joy.  I truly consider you to be such a blessing in our lives.  You have such a wonderful sense of humor, such wonderful timing. 
I can't believe you're 11.  Not really a little boy anymore, not quite a man.  You have always been right there with your brothers, trying so hard to keep up.  Sometimes I forget you aren't quite as old as you seem.  You have always been just a little spoiled by all of us, even your brothers.  Everyone in our family is quick to help you and love you through this journey called life.
I wish you continued joy and happiness and do me a favor, stop growing so fast!

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Shayla said...

what a sweet post!!! :)