Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos Just To Make You Smile

I was looking at pictures that I took with my phone today and these four just made me smile.  The first couple are one I took of our dog Zoe.  I had gotten out of bed and was doing some stuff around the house when I noticed that I had not heard or seen Zoe in a while.  She usually follows me right out of the bed and then gets comfortable on her spot on the couch.  Well she wasn't there and she wasn't responding to me when I called out her name.  Finally I decided she was probably chilling somewhere and I'd find her before I had to leave the house.  When I went into our bedroom to get ready for the day I noticed that Zoe had never left the bed.  She had gotten quite comfortable in our comforter.  Here she is pulling her head out from under the comforter when I asked her what she was doing.
  When I told her that she needed to stop being lazy and get out out of bed, this was her response!
I ended up having to pick her up and carry her to her kennel when I left.  I guess she was extra tired today, silly dog!

The pictures below really made me smile.  The office I volunteer in is moving.  We have a lot of furniture and office paperwork/supplies that need to be moved.  One of our staff was able to get a detail of Marines to come help us out.  It was really fun watching them because they were very serious (most of the time).  After a while of them being there, one of my friends showed up.  She is a Drill Sergeant and works the night shift so she comes in to volunteer in the same building I do for a couple hours before going to work.  The Marines were doing okay most of the time but occasionally needed a little motivation.  Amanda didn't hesitate to do a little encouraging when it was needed.  It was really fun to watch the group interact with each other.  And as you can see I was a huge help by taking pictures, haha!

 This picture below is Amanda getting on the floor to pull a strip of rubber that had gotten caught during the moving of these turn-arounds.  The Marines had tried to do it but couldn't so finally she just laid on the floor to do it herself.  It really was a fun day in the office with the Marines and Amanda working together to get things done!  I really love my life and all the adventures I get to be a part of!

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