Sunday, February 05, 2012

Wonderful Homecoming!

Today I got to attend a wonderful homecoming for one of my favorite families. I may have mentioned before that I am a homecoming crasher...I seriously LOVE Military Homecoming ceremonies! I teach about such events in a Protocol class and my students probably think I'm NUTS when I get all excited just talking about it. I admit I invited myself along to this one, I wanted to make sure that memories were captured by camera for this sweet family. I know how much I appreciated the photos I had from our homecomings and consider it a blessing.

I really can't describe the emotions you feel when you attend a homecoming, even when it's not your own. I may have cried more than some of the families in attendance, I'm seriously an emotional sap. But anyway, I love homecomings, have I mentioned that?

I loved the excitement of the kids...especially the 5 year old who must have asked over a dozen times when his dad was going to be there! That time when 10 minutes feels like ETERNITY is so frustrating! I loved watching their faces as the anticipation was filling up all their little bodies...oh it was such a joy to be there.

Although I have tried, words really cannot express the emotions and joy one feels at a Military Homecoming, however, I did try to capture it in a video I made for the family. Welcome Home Mr. K...and God Bless your amazing family!

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Paula said...

I just saw on facebook my friend welcomed her hubby home and they live there too. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE homecomings, and I don't even have to know anyone. I hug the Soldiers who don't have family there.