Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Tale of Two Gyms

How is that for a dramatic type title, haha! But really we did deal with two gyms this past weekend at our wrestling tournament. The older kids were in one gym and the younger kids in another. It makes for a stressful time in our family because of course Neil and Daniel end up wrestling in two different gyms. This week they also happened to have close match numbers, usually 1-2 numbers between each of their matches. We spent a lot of time running. I actually missed Daniel's last match because I was in the other gym waiting for Neil's match to start. So much stress trying to be in two places at once! The boys did well with Neil placing 2nd and Daniel placing 3rd.

If you remember last week I was feeling bad about the way we acted towards a kid. I made an effort to find the kid this week and apologize. Unfortunately, after feeling bad all week and apologizing the kid went out and fought dirty again. *Sigh* we just have to remember to be the bigger people and let it go. He beat Neil again this week but the match was close. I would rather Neil lose wrestling a fair match than win being dirty and unsportsmanlike. We just use this as a teaching tool and move on.

I decided after seeing another wrestling parent put up a montage of his son's matches to do the same. So for your viewing pleasure (oh come on, you know you love the videos of my kids!!) here are Neil and Daniel's wrestling matches in one video for each from this past weekend! Enjoy!

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