Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 14/I'm Still a Winner!

I am combining this post with my 30 Days of Thanks as well!

Well voting has ended for the Army Wife Network contest that I was participating in. I really dislike the word contest or even saying that I lost because that's not at all what this was for me. But whether I dislike it or not, in the end that's what it was. I was competing against two other women for this opportunity and it came down to who got the most votes (anyone else regress to high school homecoming??). Anyway, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I am slightly disappointed because I really feel this would have been an awesome opportunity for me but I think I took myself out of the running over a week ago (the voting ended on November 11th). There were some things that I saw that made me realize that this position wasn't necessarily the right fit for me and the Lord always knows best in the end anyway. I still think Army Wife Network is a wonderful resource and I'll still help on their boards when I can. I don't know the other two girls but I wish them well on their continued efforts to help other Army Families which in the end is what all three of us had in common.

While I didn't win by votes, I believe I did win in the end because I have great people in my life who support me in everything I do. When I read the comments that people posted asking for others to vote for me, I was truly humbled. I can't even begin to tell you that most of the time I don't think anyone notices what I do (because like most who volunteer, it's not about recognition or credit). Here are just a few of the comments from FB. The one that truly humbles me is my BFF's LaNita's.

I know there are amazing opportunities awaiting me. I feel truly blessed.

Go vote for Nadine Albrecht! I have rarely met anyone with such passion AND compassion for Military Families. She definitely deserves the title of 2012 Army Wife Network Household 6! Go vote. Now. Seriously.

My friend Nadine Martinez Albrecht is one of the top 3 finalists in this contest. I would ask you who can to vote for her, please. She is Mom to 3 boys and a hubby who is currently serving in the Army. She does so much for her family, friends, & community. She is one fantastic lady and (like every military wife) amazes me on a daily basis!

Please go in and vote for my BFF Nadine Martinez Albrecht. I can't think of anyone who deserves this more than she. I stand in awe when I see all the things that Nadine and her family does for our military. If you looked up in the dictionary "Military Spouse" it would have Nadine's picture. So please click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on her name. You don't need to register and you don't have to sign up for anything. I thank all of my friends and family for reading this and supporting my BFF!!!

On the day I was told of Bryant's death,Nadine Albrecht, who literally was a stranger, walked away from her life and family to be there for me. She sat quietly with me for hours as I cried or rambled on endlessly about Bryant. She protected me. She encouraged others to share their memories, pictures, stories of Bryant knowing how much I needed them to share. She did not just become my friend, but also my battle buddy and guardian angel. In so many ways, she was the only light in my darkness. She gives so much to so many and I can think of NO ONE who deserves to be named the 2012 HH6 at Army Wife Network more than her. The HH6 winner will get the opportunity to be a contributing writer and moderator at Army Wife Network. They will receive a scholarship to become a Family Life Coach and will be able to further assist Army Families. She loves helping Military Families and the majority of her volunteer work (which is EXTENSIVE) revolves around that. She has devoted her life to this. If you know someone in the military or a member of a military family, she has done something that has helped to better their lives if not directly then indirectly. Voting goes until November 11th and she needs everyone's help! PLEASE VOTE FOR NADINE!!

Michael -Will all my friends vote for my mom, Nadine Martinez Albrecht? She helps a lot of Army families and this contest will help her keep doing it. Just go down half the page and vote for my mom, you don't have to register. Thank you!

Neil -scroll down and vote for my mom she likes to help and volunteers

Vote for my friend Nadine...she rocks!!

I normally don't ask for people to vote for anything, but if you could vote for my friend Nadine it would be appreciated as she would be AWESOME at this. Nadine was one of the first military spouses I "met" online six years ago when my husband was in Basic training and she has helped me navigate through this military life ever since. I know that if I have a question she will help me out! Please take a moment and vote for her.

My friend Nadine would be absolutely awesome in this role.... please take a moment and vote for her! Army families would benefit greatly from the knowledge & experience that she has/will share. I know you're awesome anyway - but after reading the duties/role of the person who gets selected, well, I believe you'd be perfect for it.... so I'm just trying to help get you there! :) Plus, I'm not even an Army wife and I benefit from your knowledge ;)


LaNita said...

And every word is TRUE, I love you. ~LaNita

Tara Crooks said...

We are all so very proud of you. As I said in the email we could not have been more pleased with the caliber of women we had in our Top 3. What a great group - no matter who was chosen by our fans - we are ALL winners! Thank you so much for everything you do for Army families (including yours) daily! You are an inspiration!

Tara Crooks
Army Wife Network