Sunday, September 04, 2011


Life has been so busy I feel like I don't really have a moment to sit down and blog. Actually I blog a lot in my head and then I'm so tired that I check email and go right to bed. Most times I don't even need to get on the computer to check email since it all goes right to my blackberry. I miss blogging though and reading blogs. I feel like it's my time to sit and reminisce and write down those memories. But as many of you know, life happens and priorities must be set.

We have been busy at the Albrecht home. With the boys in school again, activities have started and I feel like we are a full-time taxi service. We have two boys playing football so practices must be attended. They practice at different times and at different places. The oldest boy has Marching Band practice twice a week and every other Saturday. Sometimes all three kids have somewhere to be on Saturday. We still have Scouts every other week but really we are always doing something Scout oriented. Plus I have my volunteer work and Kevin has his work. When you think of driving time to and from practices, plus homework, plus showers and dinner and getting stuff ready for the next day, we are falling into beds exhausted!

But we love our life. The fact that I have my husband home with me to help me fulfill the desires of our children's hearts, makes me happy. I know many out there do all of that on their own and I am grateful that I don't have to.

I was recently asked to help provide service for a special family dealing with some health issues and I feel blessed with the opportunity. I know I'll get far more out of it than I will probably give but I hope that I can do my best to make things easier and not more stressful.

The boys have also had the opportunity to serve others in various capacities and in our conversations I know that those experiences are really building their testimonies of service. I am grateful for our opportunities to serve others.

We are getting ready to transition with Kevin's unit and we don't know what that will bring. We do know we should be here at FLW for another two years and that should take us to closing out our life as a full-time Military family. That thought is both exciting and anxiety-filling. So as we prepare to transition into that mode and make decisions for our family for the future, we remember one matter what, the Lord's hand is in all things and He will bless us with opportunities that will strengthen us as individuals and as a Family and we can find comfort in that knowledge.

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Fireball and Thrillhouse said...

I've been feeling the same way!! Always blogging in my head. I have to find the time somewhere since it is really the only journal I seem to write. LOL I love your adventures and I love seeing your family's testimony in action!! :)