Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Driving Milestone

As parents, we are all about celebrating all the wonderful milestones in our children's lives. First words, teeth, steps, even the first time they got potty in the big people potty! The milestones continue through life..first day of "real" school, first day of middle school, first day of high school, you know what I'm talking about, right?

Well today was another milestone for both Michael and for us as his parents. He went and took the test to get his driver's permit! I really don't think it's set in that we have our first child driver in our home. What kind of sets me back a bit is the fact that his permit looks like a drivers license. When I got my permit (a long time ago..holy crap over 18 years ago!) it was just a piece of paper. But as you can see in the picture, he has one that looks all official.

It didn't help this mama's nerves much that while we were waiting to get his permit printed, nine..yes NINE emergency vehicles went streaming by us to a car accident. The lady processing his paperwork asking him if he wanted to be an organ donor "in case you are in some type of accident and die" (yes, she really said it like that), didn't help either. But this is part of life and I know that. I am proud of him, he passed his permit test on his first try, there were many other kids there who had to retake it. And he did say he wanted to be an organ donor, "what am I gonna do with them if I'm dead?".

I don't like that time goes so fast, I swear I was still waiting for him to take his first step just yesterday and now he's getting ready to step into a car and drive it! Whether we're ready or not, our boy is growing up and now instead of just "driving us crazy", he'll be driving to real destinations...be still my heart!


USMCWIFE said...

Driving was the single most scariest thing I ever had to except as a mom, I still get nervous when he drives..but congrats to him on his permit, and I am confident he will be an awesome driver just like Michael!

Laney said...

Sister Albrecht, can you do me a favor and warn me when Michael is driving. I care for my life. xD