Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joplin Weekend

A couple weekends ago the men from our church went and spent the weekend helping with the continued clean up of Joplin. Kevin and our two older boys went to help. I am so proud of them and their willingness to serve. Kevin and a friend of ours left a little earlier in the day with some of the young men from our youth program to get set up and see how the weekend would go. I love, love, love these boys. I am always amazed at how hard they work and how self-less they are. We hear so much about how lazy the new generation is but thankfully these boys do not fall in that category. It was great to hear my boys tell me about how awesome they felt helping other people. I really need to get my boys and hubby into blogging so they can share their experiences first hand.

Our sweet little Daniel wasn't old enough to go this time, but we are hoping he can go in a few weeks with the Scouts. I will stay home with Neil as he is having his tonsils removed and his doctor told him he would not be able to go on the scheduled weekend.

I have watched my boys grow so much from different service projects. It is truly blessing our family. I love that my boys jump at the opportunity to help and that they come home with renewed testimonies of charity. I will always support them in their desire to serve those who have need. I hope and pray that they will always have that desire in their hearts.

Just a few pictures from their weekend.

Where the boys slept. A lot of other people slept in tents, our boys chose to sleep under here and enjoyed it.

Working hard in some of the areas

Our boys and men went to have lunch at one of the volunteer tents. There was a lady who was doing acupuncture for the volunteers. Some of the boys including my husband and oldest son decided to give it a try. They both said it was so relaxing!

Not sure what Neil as doing here...he says he doesn't know either!

My husband working hard!


Barett said...


Thanks for your post and tell your boys thank you as well. I re-posted your story on my blog that encourages philanthropy. I am glad that you give as a family. Keep up the great work!

LDS Philanthropies

Fireball and Thrillhouse said...

I loved this post. (Yes, blog stalking again.) It made me tear up. The quote on the pic was so true. The acupuncture opportunity was too cute. I am glad it was relaxing. I've always wondered.