Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Day 2011

It's very interesting to see all the different 4th of July Facebook statuses. Many are copy and paste statuses, some are very simple. Some are very deep and profound, memorializing Fallen Friends, honoring their Spouses who are serving in harm's way and others recognizing the service of our Veterans. The diversity is amazing and a wonderful display of what this day means. Today we honor our independence and we do honor those who fight to protect it and honor it. It's interesting that there is a line of disconnect among some of my friends in the civilian sector for whom their statuses are dedicated to the BBQ's and beer drinking that will happen. While that may bother many, it doesn't bother me, it is yet another reminder of what freedom truly means.
A week ago, right before I left for Girls Camp I found out a Soldier that served with Kevin in one of our Fort Hood units had died as a result of injuries from an attack in Afghanistan. My heart broke for his family and all of the Soldiers who knew him and who would mourn him. It was a reminder that while we may journey forward, we never forget our families that we leave behind in other units.
Today, while I celebrate with friends and family this wonderful gift of freedom. I will honor all of our Fallen, all of our injured and all who continue to serve. I honor the families who sacrifice and I will remember SPC Nicholas Hensley (say his name, carry on his legacy and never forget the sacrifice he made for me and for you).

God Bless America and those who serve and sacrifice in the name of Freedom.


Amanda said...

Thank you & your family for your sacrifice SPC Nicholas Hensley. said...

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