Saturday, June 04, 2011

Piano Man

Last Sunday a friend of ours delivered a piano to our home. They are moving and looking to get rid of weight (gotta love Military moves!). We feel so blessed to have this piano. Michael LOVES music. He has played the bassoon since 6th grade (he is now going into 10th), he taught himself to play the piano and piccolo. Since the bassoon is not a realistic marching band instrument he plays in the Percussion section (known as the PIT) and has learned to play lots of different instruments in there. He has always asked us for piano lessons and we never had the piano to really make it worthwhile.

Well, since last Sunday you can often find him plucking away at these lovely keys.

Here is a video I took today...remember, we have only had this piano for one week...he has had zero lessons...

Zoe has found a comfortable spot...I think she likes his playing too!

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