Saturday, May 07, 2011

Photo Update Part 1

I was going through different SD cards and my photo albums on my computer and I realize that I have so many things I have missed blogging about. I can't really write a post about each event so I'm just going to do a quick (although photo heavy) review! And because I am lazy I will not be putting these in order of date!

These are two of my boys along with some of the boys in our Troop messing around after being Color Guard for a political event. They went to the home of one of our leaders and found a BB one was hurt in the taking of this photo!

The two photos above were taken by the hubby on their way back from an exercise they had in March. The owners of the gas station they stopped at fed them a delicious homemade lunch. The couple was invited to our Brigade ball that was held recently, I thought that was awesome.
Back in February/March time, Kevin flew to San Antonio for some training. On his way back they flew him almost all over the U.S. which we thought was crazy. However, it proved to be a blessing because it flew him into Phoenix and one of his best friends from high school was able to drive to the airport to see him for an hour or so.
Sweet Daniel playing with daddy's gear!
Neil & Daniel at their wrestling party...this picture makes me laugh they were so serious!
In April, I helped put on a seminar for Commander/First Sergeant spouses. We did a faux receiving line. The students were in the receiving line and me and some others went through as "what not to do". This photo was captured as one of the girls went through and wanted to "tweet" a picture of me and the "general". Lots of fun!

Daniel pinning me with his Bear Mother's pin...he is so darn cute!
On the same trip to San Antonio, Kevin was able to meet up with one of our friend's Daniel. Daniel is my hero, he is a double amputee and is AMAZING. Seriously....I love this guy and was so jealous Kevin got to see him without me!

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